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  • Pros: Location
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  • Industrial

    Posted by TSG August 17, 2014
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    Industrial. Is the first word that sprang out at me when we visited this place for the first time. It has the look, feel and texture of an industrial food service place much like a canteen.

    The hosts all looked no more than they were 12 years old. All of them had this utterly bored, tired, overworked , "can't-wait-for-my-shift-to-be-over" look on their faces. That's what happens when you hire people to meet your low wage mark, rather than hiring people who bring experience and passion.

    The food - the most boring, tasteless and bland breakfast I've ever had. The portions were okay. Bland food like this - I can make at home. There was not one single thing about the food from a taste and flavour perspective that stood out. The potatoes, the eggs were just average or slightly below average.

    Like I said, if you're ok having breakfast in an industrial setting, served by bored underlings to eat the most bland food ever - then I would recommend this place.

    Calgary has such a dearth of good breakfast places in its suburbs - they are so few and far between - that places like Eggs Oasis can pass themselves off as the genuine article.

    Two stars - Not worth wasting the gas to get there!! Certainly not worth the money!
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