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  • Pros: Quickly seated
  • Cons: Tried to seat us at a dirty table
  • Member's Recommendation: No

EggsOasis Breakfast & Lunch - Crowofoot » Reviews » Jammed up with a sticky situation :(

  • Jammed up with a sticky situation :(

    Posted by Lee Bannister June 21, 2014
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    We have gone to this EggsOasis a couple of times, but this time was the worst. The hostess sat us (me +1) at a table cleared the extra mats away hinting at us sitting in the two seats that were clearly dirty; one even still had a lump of jam on it. Then as we sat, the floor was sticky from something spilt recently (probably fruit juice). So on our own initiative and before they came to take our coffee orders, we moved to another table.

    But wait, the kicker was that they didn't go look why we might've moved and instead tried to sit the next group, a family of 4, at that dirty table!!! We could not believe it, but then we saw 4-6 waitresses/waiters standing, yawning, and watching without taking any initiative to clean the chairs and the floor. It took about 20 minutes for one girl to go clean the chairs.

    Bottom line, if we are paying high prices, we expect that the restaurant floors to not be sticker than the movie theatre and the chairs to be perfectly clean, not covered in jam.
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