Interesting facts about Calgary

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    For all the Calgarians out there, here are some facts you shold know about Calgary!

    These are also great facts for anyone considering to move to Calgary. 


    - You only pay 5% on goods and services!

    - The Calgarian Stampede, an annual 10 day event, attracts more than a million visitors.

    - Calgary is referred to as Cowtown

    - Average age is about 36 years old

    - There are more than 120 languages spoken in the city!

    - Calgary's population has reached close to 1.3 million and rising!

    - Number of volunteers per capita is more than any other Canadian city.

    - It's the most sunniest city in Canada with over 2,300 hours of sun per year.

    - Coldest temperature ever recorded in Calgary is -45 degrees celsius in Feb 1983.

    - Warmest temperature ever recorded in Calgary is 36.1 degrees celsius in July 1919

    - January is the coldest month so be ready!

    - Hailstorms and thunderstorms happen frequently. 22 days of the year, expect thunderstorms.

    - Calgary was proclaimed a city in 1884

    - Calgary has the most millionaires per capita of any Canadian city.

    - The Plus 15 allows you to walk 18 km in downtown without having to step outside!

    - Calgary Flames is the professional NHL hockey team of Calgary

    - Calgary Stampeders is the professional CFL football team of Calgary

    - University of Calgary, Mount Royal College, Southern Alberat Institute of Technology,

      and the Alberta College of Arts and Design are the main secondary educational institutes in Calgary

    - There are a total of 550km of pathways and 260 km of street bikeways in Calgary for bikers!

    - The Calgary Zoo is rated 3rd best in the North America